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For centuries, beer has sparked passion and been the object of upheaval. In the heart of Abbeys, monks would partake in many experiments and work arduously towards concocting this ancestral beverage.

They were involved in its recognition and justified its regular consumption by the adage "liquida non frangunt jeunum*"

For them, each moment was therefore the opportunity to delight in this precious drink: "Simple", light beers; "Double" beers and "Triple" beers reserved for special occasions.

Somewhat more ignored, nuns also made high quality beers and were behind some major discoveries.

In the 12th Century, Hildegarde de Bingen discovered the virtues of hops and notably its power of conservation and its flavoursome bitterness. Quickly, thanks to Hildegarde's findings, hops were to replace the simple fruit and give beer its impetus. This learned individual also beat the monks by writing down the very first recipes for beer.

These priceless discoveries were down to the latter, with the monks having sought much inspiration from them.

NONNE pays homage to Hildegarde and these forgotten nuns who were able to create beer as we so fondly know it today. Its roots are in her genius and brewing expertise so long attributed to monks alone.

*Liquid food does not interrupt fasting *La nourriture liquide n'interrompt pas le jeûne