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Brewing skills, exploring expertise, fermenting ideas, bringing their grain of craziness to the mill of the Brasseurs Savoyards to make each day an adventure dedicated to organic and artisanal beer, this is the challenge of this team which is just as talented as multidisciplinary, and who have worked since 2014 towards development of the one and only organic brewery in France.

Thirsty N°1 Too much thinking leads to hair loss
Antoine Joint director/Commercial Director
Thirsty N°2 A Sunday DIYer
Etienne Joint director/Production Director
Thirsty N°3 Fell into it as a child
Claude Master Brewer
Thirsty N°4 Brought the South to the BS bottle
Aurélie Accountant
Thirsty N°5 Grower of three office plants
Yannick Commercial CHR
Thirsty N°6 The man behind the beard
Benoit Production Manager
Thirsty n°7 Legend. And text editor
Sébastien Marketing & Communication
Thirsty n°8 A.K.A "Tonton"
David Order preparation and delivery
Thirsty n°9 A.K.A "Kycor"
Maxime Order preparation and delivery
Thirsty n°10 Met by chance
Sarah Organic Store Commercial Manager
Thirsty n°11 Ultimate development of alopecia
Sébastien F Commercial CHR
Thirsty n°12 Bob the handyman
Florian Maintenance manager
Thirsty n°13 the invisible man
Alexis Order preparation and delivery
Thirsty n°14 Ingrown Diots Eater
Corentin Production Agent
Thirsty n°15 Never go looking for lice
Clément Production Agent
Thirsty n°16 Barfly
Romuald Logistics Officer
Thirsty N°17 À l'guise avec tous chez garchons
Mélanie Production Manager
Thirsty n°18 Kro Sympa
Julien Brewer
Thirsty n°19 Cowgirl
Océane Production Agent
Thirsty n°20 Yellow jersey of the Tour d'Alby
Geneviève Commercial Assistant