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For thousands of years, Lake Geneva has owed its purity to the water of the glaciers which fuel it. Considered as one of the purest in the world, its water is precious and inseparable form the activities and location of the Brasseurs Savoyards. As it is by capturing this crystal clear mountain water that the Brasseurs Savoyards make high quality artisanal beers. As well as this purity, they only add malts and hops from local organic agriculture. This blend of carefully selected ingredients gives unrivalled flavour to their beers. Consequently, by combining this rigorous selection of local raw materials, with ancestral manufacturing processes and their unconditional passion for beer, they are perpetuating the brewing history of the Haute-Savoie by adding undeniable modernity.

Their low or high fermentation beers require time. Several weeks of patient waiting. This time leads to the aromatic balance and richness of these exceptional beers. With a real artisanal preference for the design and production and resolutely innovative concerning labelling and communication. Because first and foremost, an artisanal beer is tasted with the eyes. The 360° creativity is present from the field to the bottle which they infuse into their beers to give them the unrivalled taste of reinvented tradition.

It is not by chance that the Brasseurs Savoyards represent the largest production of artisanal beers in the Haute-Savoie with over 10,000 hectolitres per year!