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The Brasseurs Savoyards, whose innovation is at the heart of their mindset, have now launched 2 new Alcohol-Free Organic Beers with 0.0% ABV. It is a real technical feat because these are Alcohol-Free Organic Beers with 0.0% ABV that have not undergone dealcoholization. The advantage of this innovative technique is that it preserves all the flavors of these Organic Beers without removing anything, neither alcohol nor taste.

But why Alcohol-Free Organic Beers with 0.0% ABV? Because the demand is very high. Over the past few years, the consumption of alcohol-free beers has been steadily increasing. With a focus on responsible consumption, health, and risk reduction, an increasingly wide audience is being convinced by alcohol-free beers.

The Brasseurs Savoyards are therefore pioneers as a 100% Organic Brewery launching 2 100% Organic Beers without any alcohol at 0.0% ABV. Other experiments are currently underway to expand this range of 0.0% ABV Organic Beers and meet all taste expectations.

The BS Blonde Alcohol-Free Organic Beer 0.0 and the BS Fruity IPA Alcohol-Free Organic Beer 0.0 are the first in a series of innovations that show no signs of stopping.

This time, we can say... Cheers!