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The profession of master brewer is an art, it cannot be learnt from a book. It requires absolute control over the environment, consideration of each factor to ensure a carbon copy of what is sought when elaborating each recipe: selection of raw materials, ideal mineral composition of water, control of temperatures. The master brewer is the centrepiece of a building, the druid who, by his expertise, plays an essential role in the sustainability of the brewery whilst guaranteeing stability and flawless quality.

Like an abbey governing a monastery, he supervises and is respected within an institution which trusts him like a man of faith.

These men of faith, and often women, have also strongly participated in development of the brewing sector. Fermentation techniques to the culture and use of hops, they offer us a colossal heritage and today allow us to benefit from thousands of flavour combinations.

The hard work of these people, all too often hidden and crossing periods, is however essential for a company where beer is positioned as the most heavily consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. As an ode to the master brewer or the abbey, the difference is slim since these Men share or have shared the same religion: that of the universal nature of this beverage, of this "liquid bread", which has become a symbol of conviviality, pleasure and harmony.